Privacy Policy

We have updated our privacy policy.
We may collect personal data from owners to enable us to carry out the services requested for your pets/ animals.
The information we will collect is:-
Full Name,
Full address
Mobile number
Home number
An emergency contact number
Facebook profile name (if thatís how you contact us in the first instance).

We only collect the relevant information in order for us to carry out the services you request and in order to communicate with you to arrange said services.

Information provided to us is kept private and is only accessed by the business owners and will not be shared with 3rd parties.
Electronic information is protected by passwords only known to the business owners.

We do not participate in direct marketing programmes.

Occasionally we do post photos to our Facebook page. This is always done with owners consent at the initial consultation and we do not disclose any information about the animals owner.

A GDPR regulation is that you have the right to request/request deletion of any information we hold about you. This can be done by email to

Thank you